Staff and patient engagement day

On Wednesday 24th November 2015 staff and patients from around the Network met at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton for a discussion on various topics, including diagnostics, research and clinical psychology services.

The day started with everyone meeting and greeting each other before the first morning session to discuss diagnostics around the Network. Lead by Dr Sarah Mangles and two of our Biomedical Scientists, Jane Needham and Helen Lewis, it was fascinating insight into how the laboratory teams collaborate together on some of the more complex cases of haemophilia and bleeding disorders.

After a quick tea break the meeting moved swiftly onto clinical psychology where one of our Clinical Psychologists Helen Taylor discussed what services they offer to patients and how they differentiate from other services such as counselling.

Our Director, Dr Savita Rangarajan, along with our Clinical Trials Manager, Ruth Pink, then talked about what types of research and clinical trials the Network is currently undertaking and about gene replacement therapy.

The meeting concluded with an energetic presentation by Jane Yeaman, Clinical Nurse Specialist, on how we can set up patient groups around the Network. This was followed by questions and further discussion throughout the room.

Staff and patients then had some lunch before heading home for the day.

Our next staff and patient engagement day is yet to be confirmed but if you want any further information or want to attend the next engagement day then please contact Marta Szczot by getting in touch here.