Fundraising for a Luminometer for NHH

The Hampshire Medical Fund have launched a fundraising effort to purchase a Luminometer for the Special Coagulation Unit at North Hampshire Hospital.

Hampshire Hospitals are a Comprehensive Care Haemophilia Centre providing an extensive Haemostasis and Thrombosis Service, for the local population and tertiary referrals. The Special Coagulation laboratory provide the Diagnostic support for these patients. The investigation of platelet function disorders requires highly specialised scientific input and appropriate analytical investigations on fresh blood samples, which have a limited viability of four hours. The Laboratory Diagnostic service are able to undertake all investigations locally except one, the quantitation of ATP and ADP within the platelet, also known as platelet nucleotides. Currently these samples are sent off-site to London for analysis and it can take up to three weeks to receive the results.

What is it?

The Junior LB9509 is a small tube luminometer with integrated software.  A Luminometer is an instrument capable of detecting photons of light that are emitted from either a chemical or enzyme reaction. Luminescence is a very sensitive detection mode, individual photons are collected by a detector – photodiode, quantified as Relative Light Units(RLU) and is directly proportional to the concentration of the amount of luminescent material in the sample.

Why do we need it?

Multiple risks arise when samples are referred off site for analysis: non arrival of couriers, journey delays- ever increasing due to motorway delays, non-viable/aged samples on arrival and delay in report receipt. With the purchase of this equipment the quantitation of ATP/ADP can be repatriated locally, providing the result same day, thus improving the Turnaround Time of patient results and Diagnosis. This assay is currently unavailable at any other Hospital in the Southern Pathology Network and could be offered to other sites too.

Watch Helen Lewis, Special Coagulation Operations Manager, talk in depth about the Luminometer and the benefits it would bring for patient care.

All monies raised will go directly towards purchasing the Luminometer.

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