The advancement of research within haemophilia and other bleeding disorders contributes to a significant part of the work that the Southern Haemophilia Network is involved in. With the support of the network, healthcare professionals across the region are more able to carry out research and clinical trials. A wide range of research is undertaken, from studies on behalf of the National Institute for Health Research, commercial studies for pharmaceutical companies to locally designed research studies.

Working closely with local patients and healthcare professionals within the network, we have ambitions for our region to become a hub for research, and want to encourage more people to become involved. Due to the formalised integration of services and professionals, it will be far easier to connect with like-minded people who are interested in pursuing the advancement of this area of medicine, which can be achieved through professional collaborations, along with patients having access to an increased number of open studies across the network.

It is through research that the care provided by the network can improve. Evidence has shown that where patients are cared for by doctors who are active in clinical trials and research, patient care improves. By becoming involved in research, patients can have access to new treatments in development, which may lead to changes in future practices. Currently research is being carried out within the network to investigate longer acting factor VIII and IX, new factor VIII products as well as individualised dosing for haemophilia.

If you are a patient and would like to participate in clinical trials and medical research, you can discuss this with your haemophilia centre team who will be able to offer you information on current opportunities. Additionally you can access current clinical trials and research study information through the following links: