The team at Basingstoke Haemophilia Centre donned their rubiest red outfits for Red4Research on Friday 16th June 2023

What Is #Red4Research?

#Red4Research brings together all those participating, supporting, and undertaking research. On the front line and behind the scenes incredible research teams collectively work on health and social care research. The R&D community is innovative, flexible and dynamic. Research doesn’t just happen though, people make it happen – research participants, patients, professionals, volunteers and regulatory bodies all collectively working together.

In collaboration with the health and care sectors and voluntary organisations the R&D community has achieved a phenomenal amount. It has

  • improved patient outcomes
  • developed and delivered COVID-19 vaccines at an unprecedented speed
  • provided rapid diagnostics for community settings
  • evaluated a range of novel and repurposed therapeutics demonstrating that large platform trials are feasible
  • undertaken rapid evidence appraisals
  • changed clinical management, policies and guidelines
  • established rapid ethical review processes
  • streamlined and aligned regulatory approval processes
  • advanced the international research agenda
  • enhanced capacity building
  • provided real-time visualization of data to inform decision making
  • reduced research waste through coordinated research activity and data sharing

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