Hemlibra (Emicizumab) Approved for Treatment by NHS England

Hemlibra (Emicizumab) Approved for Treatment by NHS England

HEMLIBRA approved for treatment.

It’s been announced that Emicizumab, marketed as HEMLIBRA®, has been approved for treatment by NHS England.

What is HEMLIBRA®?

HEMLIBRA® is a prescription medicine used for routine prophylaxis to prevent, or reduce the frequency, of bleeding episodes in adults and children with hemophilia A. With or without factor VIII inhibitors.

HEMLIBRA® works in a completely different way to most current treatment options as it’s  not an infusion of factor VIII. It’s an injection that goes under your skin (subcutaneous) to help your blood clot.

This new treatment acts like a bridge, bringing activated factor IX and factor X together. This enables the clotting process to continue without needing to replace factor VIII.

Click on the photo below to read the BBC’s story about HEMLIBRA®, how it works and how it was approved.

New drug for people who can bleed uncontrollably
Christopher Stephens and his Mum

If you are a Haemophilia A patient and would like more information on whether HEMLIBRA® would be a suitable product for you please contact your local Haemophilia Team to discuss.

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