Salisbury District Hospital

Contact us
For general enquiries – Salisbury District Hospital
Monday to Friday, Between 9am and 5pm
01722 429037
Alternatively contact Dr Cullis or Dr Everington

For children with a bleeding disorder – Salisbury District Hospital
Monday to Friday. Between 9am and 9pm
Where urgent advice is needed, please call
01722 336262
ask to be put through to the Woodlands Day Assessment Unit
on the Children’s Unit on extension 4201

For adults with a bleeding disorder – Salisbury District Hospital
Where urgent advice is needed please call
01722 341930
which will put you through to a specialist nurse from the Pembroke Unit/Ward

At Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust provides a range of clinical care, which includes acute and emergency services. Specialist services include burns, plastic surgery, cleft lip and palate genetics and rehabilitation. The Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre provides care for patients across most of southern England. The haemophilia centre at Salisbury sees patients with bleeding disorders, both inherited and acquired.

Bleeding disorder services
Children have direct access to state of the art facilities in the new Children’s Unit, which offers consultant-led care twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The Children’s Unit comprises of Sarum Ward for children who are inpatients, the Woodlands Day Assessment Unit and children’s outpatients.
Adult patients are assessed and treated by staff experienced in the care of patients with blood disorders in pathology outpatients and the Pembroke Unit treatment areas.
The Salisbury Emergency Department has a flagging system for all patients known to have haemophilia, so that specialist consultant advice and treatment can be provided immediately in the event of new bleeding concerns.

Where to find us
For more information about Salisbury District Hospital, including how to get there, please click here.

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Haemophilia Centre, Salisbury District Hospital
Salisbury. Wiltshire. SP2 8BJ
Fax: 01722 333933
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