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Lara Oyesiku

Positions: Clinical Nurse Network Manager

Locations: Basingstoke

Contact Details: 01256 314793

Additional Information:

Lara joined the Southern Haemophilia Network in 2014 from Oxford, where she held the post of Advanced Nurse Practitioner at the Oxford Haemophilia Centre and Thrombosis Unit from 1996. There she was responsible for providing comprehensive care for adults and children with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders.

Lara is a former Chair of the World Federation of Haemophilia Nurses Committee, a committee member of the Royal College of Nursing Haemophilia Nurses Association, one of the founding members and previous chair of the Novo Nordisk Global Haemophilia Network Support Committee (GHNSC), and current Chair of the Bayer European Haemophilia Nurses Advisory Board (BEHNAB).

Lara has developed numerous educational tools in areas including HIV/HCV, reproductive choices and venous access. She was recently awarded a Roald Dahl Scholarship to further support and educate adolescents with haemophilia and related bleeding disorders. The outcome was the production of a film “Bubble Wrap Boy” which raises awareness of haemophilia for adolescents in schools. You can watch the video¬†here.

In addition, Lara has coordinated several international educational trips for youths with inherited bleeding disorders. She sees the support of the entire family living with haemophilia as being of fundamental importance to optimal haemophilia care.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling to far flung places and enjoying the arts.