World Haemophilia Day – 17th April 2019

What is World Haemophilia Day?

World Haemophilia Day is an opportunity to help people with bleeding disorders live healthier, longer and more productive lives by educating and empowering them through knowledge sharing, information exchanges, education and training.

This year, the theme of World Haemophilia Day is outreach and identification, and our tagline is “Reaching Out: The First Step to Care.” Patient outreach and identification is about finding and supporting individuals with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders—including von Willebrand disease—who have not yet been diagnosed or whose health needs are not being met by health care services. These patients can be found through awareness-raising campaigns and educational activities.

“Taking care of existing patients with a bleeding disorder is critically important. But we also have to look at those people who are suffering and haven’t been diagnosed. We have to find these individuals, bring them into the community and provide them with the support they deserve.”
—Alain Weill, President of the WFH

Light it up Red!

This year again, over 70 landmarks will take part in the “Light it up Red” campaign to show their support for World Haemophilia Day.

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